Supergraphic Innovators: Barbara Stauffacher Solomon

Barbara Stauffacher Solomon was born in 1928 in San Francisco, California. She is a graphic designer, landscape designer, and writer, who is best known for the enormous supergraphics she designed inside of buildings by mixing Swiss Modernism and West Coast Pop. Before getting into art, she worked and trained as a dancer in San Francisco and it wasn’t until her husband died in 1956 that she went to Basel in Switzerland to study graphic design under Armin Hoffman at the Basel Art Institute. She then later also studied architecture at University of California, Berkeley. Solomon’s work has been displayed in galleries in Paris and New York and also has a permanent exhibit at SFMOMA. Although she is in her 80’s, she is still producing amazing work, but has generally moved to producing work on a smaller scale. Nevertheless, her work in my opinion looks amazing and absolutely striking. Just imagine walking in a hallway and suddenly seeing these amazing colors surrounding you. I wouldn’t be able to walk by without staring at them for a long time!





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