Self-Assessment for Group Revision Pechakucha

I have to be totally honest—I was REALLLLY nervous this time round for the presentations not only because of each slide being 20 seconds long, but also because we needed to present in a group and transfer our slides to each other with a flow during that time frame. When we were preparing which sections each of us would cover, I felt really confident with my section since I was covering Dadaism. However, I was constantly left with worry because even though I had made a sharable PowerPoint on Google Slides my group was not taking their time and accessing it. In the end, we were left with practicing on the very last day. I wish we did have more time to practice rehearsing our parts until we got our flow right, but I guess my group was a little too busy throughout the week to do so. Therefore, I’m not very confident with my turnout on my part during the presentation because this issue had kind of stressed me out to the point that I was very nervous while I was speaking. Although I had prepared and practiced a lot with myself, I ended up constantly looking at my notes and having a very shaky voice during the actual presentation. I would give myself a 7/10 for these overall issues because I feel like I didn’t carry out the presentation as well as I hoped I would.


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