From Fortune Magazine to the Fuhrer (1929-1939) Color Palettes and Visual Themes

House Interior Color Palettes

With the rise and influences of the Bauhaus, all design became very simple during the 1930s as the Bauhaus preferred functionality over ornately complicated designs. Since this period was during the great depression and WWII followed right after, many colors tended to be more muted and simple during this time. Some of the colors most apparent during the 30s were jade, Celadon, sea-foam green, pale gold, grassy tans, pale silvered almond, and walnut. Saturated colors started decreasing and there was also a great decrease of red and warm hues.

Specifically going into detail now, the kitchen would use red, yellows, and blues surrounded with white, tan , and black backgrounds. Floors and counters would sometimes be black, walls would be tan, and the sink would be porcelain white.


Earth tones were used and they were surrounded by peach pink and tan backgrounds while being accommodated by cinnabar and cinnamon colored ceilings and floors.


Living Rooms
Here are some colors used for the living rooms:

Colors used were relatively dark with blue and purple floors, dark mahogany and walnut colored furniture, beige walls, and white bedspreads.

Here are some great sources to check out:


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