Chapter 10 Summary: From Fortune Magazine to the Fuhrer

YES FINALLY LAST SUMMARY POST!!!! *Joking* (←maybe…) Anyways…

The only thing that I could remember from this period was my history teacher talking in his monotone voice about the Great Depression, Hitler, and more Great Depression. Yup, that’s pretty much it. The Great Depression pretty much all started with the Wall Street Crash in 1929 and from there on came the depression (why am I giving such bad jokes…). However, for those who had money it was a time of exciting days worth for travelling. Those without money suffered a great loss as they lived in poverty and one specific photographer who was born because of this overall crisis was Dorothea Lange. She was an American photographer and photojournalist who was hired by the US government during the Great Depression, so that she can show optimism during this chaotic time. Her work was concentrated around unemployed and homeless people at the time and one of her most famous photographs in this series includes the Migrant Mother in which she captured in California in 1936. The Great Depression was also a time of the Dust Bowl where big dust storms raged throughout the prairies in the US and Canada, which were caused by extreme drought in agricultural land.

Although there was much suffering during this decade, Hollywood did make some profit as there was an influx of movies being produced to help people cope with the hard times. Movies Included King Kong, Frankenstein, Dracula, and the Wizard of Oz.



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