Lisa Yuskavage 1962-present (USA)

I have to point this out before I continue, but I am honestly not a big fan of nude paintings and drawings. I know, I know, I’m studying art, and art history is full of that, so how??? I’m not too sure… I just don’t really like it… However, I was somehow captivated by Lisa Yuskavage’s work and a part of that reason definitely has to go towards the way she uses color. Her colors are somehow intriguing to me (maybe it’s the way she blends them?) because it reminds me of fairy-tale scenes, but with a little twist of nudity. Anyways, let’s talk about Yuskavage now…

A New York artist, Yuskavage is known for her figurative and figure paintings of nudes since the early 1990s. Her subjects are usually images of young women (recently now she’s using men) shown using classical and historical techniques in which her nudes appear cartoonish, erotic, and curvaceous. Her paintings not only consist of nudes, but they also always include landscape and still life within one art piece. She uses various techniques such as color field painting while using artificial colors in her pieces and gets most of her inspirations from Giovanni Bellini, Johannes Vermeer, and Edgar Degas. Although I’ve had something to say about her, so have many critics as they all have given many different descriptions of her paintings, which include depictions like “alienation and affection”, “self-love and self-loathing”, and “vulgarity and earnestness.” She’s constantly surprising and what I found even more amazing was that her New York exhibit sold out before it even opened and she even sold one of her paintings for over $1 million.



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