History Book Rationale (From Band-Aids to Birds-Eye 1920-1930)

As my last and final history book spread, I took on the task of doing literature and typography. I was very stuck since many people had already done book covers, posters, and other forms of spreads for this subject. As I started sketching out ideas, I finally came upon a solution: an invitation for Jay Gatsby’s party.

If you have read the Great Gatsby or even possibly seen the movie, you’ll know that Gatsby holds a party at his mansion very often. The idea of an invitation came to me when I was looking at what books were published between the 1920s-1930s and luckily The Great Gatsby happened to be one of them. Since it was first published on April 10, 1925, I decided to make that the date of the party. Now that I think about it actually, I laughed pretty hard when I was making this whole layout because I didn’t want to keep it only restricted to the idea of the Great Gatsby. I wanted to include the names of other books that were published at that time and therefore I gave a little humor in my page layout by telling people that special guests will include A, B, and C (it continues with other information as well throughout the whole piece). Now, since my topic is about both literature and typography I decided the best way to display typography is to physically show it in the whole layout. It took me great lengths to find the fonts and download them, but I’m glad with the result. As my very last step, I took on the task of drawing the whole border in order to show the Art Deco era (although I could have just taken a border off the internet, I try to do my own stuff as much as possible as a challenge). Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with the whole result and this remains my favorite layout out of all the ones I’ve done; therefore, I would give myself a 8.5 or 9/10.

literature and typography


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