Chapter 9 Summary: From Color Theory to Cool Type

During our lecture I noticed that we talked a lot about the Bauhaus, but I became interested in a couple other things apart from the amazing design school, especially the Triadisches Ballett (The Triadic Ballet). It was created in 1922 by Oskar Schlemmer and it was historically important because it displayed as an example of a multi-media theater. The costumes that were used for the performances were made in such a way that they took the shape of cones, tubes, hoops, and spheres. Something that I found interesting was that there would be no more than three people onto the stage all at once and each performance had a different mood and color. It was composed in a way so that it would have three acts, three participants (in which would be consisted of two males and one female), twelve dances, and eighteen costumes.

Personally, I would have loved to actually see the act myself. Although it seems really weird, I find the whole act very unique, different, and a form of art within itself.


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