History Book Page Rationale (From Vacuums to the Vote 1900-1920)

During this time period, many events took place such as World War 1, but I wanted to focus on the events that happened before then. Many countries in the 1900s were becoming a Great Power but since there were too many to focus on, we decided to research only three: US, Japan, and Britain.

Initially, I wanted to make a newspaper layout for my spread; however, after seeing numerous layouts that took the form of a newspaper, I wanted to do something different. I had a lot of trouble figuring out what exactly I wanted to do and how I was going to make my layout but in the end, I decided that drawing a map of the world would be the most suited choice.

My process:
At first, I started searching up old maps from the early 1900s and all the maps that came out as results were either damaged or very grayed out in color. I had no choice but to make my very own version of a early 1900s map. I gathered a lot of references and drew out my map on Photoshop and later added masks and special effects to make the paper look old. Maps from back then had an extremely huge amount of information and lines which made them very hard to read. Although originally I wanted to do that too, I ran out of time to elaborate on it and partially because I didn’t really know how to do it. After I finished making the map, I printed it out and started putting sticky notes and push pins onto the map (to highlight the 3 places I was going to talk about), while connecting the push pins with a red string. Following this painful step, I took a photo of the completed map and brought it back into Photoshop to write all my information on the sticky notes.

As an end result (after tearing out my hair and figuring everything out), I am pretty satisfied with the outcome. However, I totally pushed aside the fact that Japan’s sticky note was totally covered with string and did not notice that until the very end. I was pretty upset with it because I was left placing the information in a very awkward manner. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to go take another picture of the map and start all over again with the information on the layout so I had to deal with what I had. As well, the map does not have a lot of lines and information like maps had in the past, so regarding these critiques I’m putting upon myself, I would give myself a 8/10. Below, I’ve inserted my step by step process (after clicking on each one you can read what I did) and my final result:


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