Chapter 7 Summary: From the Armory to Art Directors

I guess what really intrigued me in today’s lecture was the topic on Dadaism. Just the overall craziness that came out of the result of the whole era drove me into laughter. Dada arose in Zürich, Switzerland as a whole reaction to World War 1 and was very diverse in subject ranging from painting to sculptures, poetry, photography, collage, etc. To be honest, it doesn’t seem like Dadaism had any rules and I feel like because of this, it became a period of mockery. It was an art movement that did not care about creating aesthetically pleasing art but instead it was a freedom of one’s self and self expression.

After the presentation we had in class, I was utterly speechless as I couldn’t stop thinking about Dadaism. I was left with two different thoughts—”wow everyone’s gone insane” and “I love the art…it’s just so eye-catching.” Although it was a pretty crazy period with all the new art going on, it left me tracing back to one K-pop music video that I remember seeing that not only uses “Dada” in the title but it just makes no absolute sense whatsoever, which made me think that’s where the music video got its inspiration and influence from.


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