Chapter 6 Summary: From Vacuums to the Vote

While we were having our discussions in class, I was very surprised by the amount of influence that Art Nouveau was having on art and architecture in this era. However, one particular individual that I was very interested in during this period was the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. His work was greatly inspired by William Morris, Japanese design and architecture, and also pre-Columbian architecture and art. Influenced by Japanese architecture in particular, he loved how simple the interior design was compared to the overly decorated Victorian architecture.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Some of the buildings he made were Fallingwater, Johnson Wax building, and Guggenheim Museum. He also designed the book The House Beautiful which shows a great example of his architectural skills within his hand-drawn bordered designs. However, when we were seeing examples of his work in class, I really loved his architectural designs for Fallingwater. I was just amazed by how he managed to design such a modern piece (that can be still seen desirable today) over a waterfall. Unlike many buildings and houses today that take down trees and tear up the whole landscape, he incorporated this design into the surroundings of nature. I would just love to live in house like that…just amazing…

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