Jean-Auguste Ingres 1780-1867 (France)

Jean-Auguste Ingres is considered as one of the last Neoclassical painters, since there were no pupils to carry on the legacy. He considered himself as a “painter of history” as he ended up reaching to the top and shocking his critics in his latter years. Stunning his audience with his realistic paintings, he became to be viewed as one of the greatest living artists in France at that time. Even after he died, people considered his painted and drawn portraits as his best work. Ingres didn’t like painting violent scenes so he tended not to draw any battle scenes. Instead, he would paint multiple versions of his favorite themes and would often take many years to actually complete it because he would constantly go back to it.

Today, he is still seen as a master artist of the 19th century and is greatly appreciated and sought for by modern art critics and galleries. I extremely love his work to the point that I was staring at some of his paintings for 30 minutes. I’m extremely fascinated by the way he painted clothing and expressed ruffles, light, and shadows because they look too real to be true.


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