Claude Lorrain 1600-1682 (France) Baroque

Claude Lorrain was a French painter, draughtsman, and engraver, who was deeply concentrated on creating landscape paintings throughout his career. Claude was influenced by other northern artists in Rome, who were trained in the northern mannerism style. He would always have a couple small figures in his paintings, so that a scene would be incorporated from the bible or a classical mythology. He became very popular during his time because when his landscape paintings were created, they were done by including the sun—which had never been done before. At the start of his career, he painted a lot of frescoes which helped build his reputation. Later, he started getting a huge number of commissions in Italy and internationally. Unfortunately, a step back in his work during his last years was his incorporation of elongated figures, which people believe that he may have started developing a optical condition.

What really intrigued me was that he mostly sketched outdoors during dusk and dawn. I guess that he painted at these times in order to get a specific lighting in his scenes, in which I think definitely made an impact in creating the sense of light and dark of his surroundings.



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