IDES 141: From Handprints to Handwriting (33,000 BCE-600 CE)

Looking back at the discussion we had in class, I am now more aware of the different changes that have happened in out history with the beginnings of writing. It seems weird to think that we came all the way from cave paintings from 30-40,000 years ago to the current alphabet we have today. In my opinion, graphic design could have started all the way from the early cave paintings, because in graphic design we are trying to convey our message and we often have to use images to depict them. Designers are problem solvers and story tellers and that’s what we have been doing from the beginning of time.

The Sumerians were believed to have been the people who created cuneiform from around 6,000-4,000 BCE in the southern tip of Mesopotamia. When the world was developing and becoming more and more sophisticated, the need for communication and recording information  became very important for the society. Along with that, Egyptian hieroglyphics first appeared around 3,250 BCE and lasted for almost 3,500 years and Chinese writing was invented by Ts’ang Chieh around 1,800- 1,200 BCE. I found these times in history very interesting because writing itself is a form of art and we use it in our work to convey a message that we want to give.

It is important for us artists to learn about our culture and history because not only will it help us understand how everything started and how it changed, but it helps us develop into better artists. I have even seen a couple graphic designers who get a task or project that they must complete which requires a specific feel or look to the overall piece. Therefore, sometimes having the knowledge of art history can help you create that certain theme or feel that the client wanted.

Image result for old hangulEarly Hangul

Image result for hyroglifics

Image result for cuneiform alphabet


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