History Book Cover



When Alex, Ata, and I were discussing how we would design the history book cover and contents page, I felt a little bit overwhelmed because I wasn’t too sure what we were going to do. I have to be honest here but I was left with the feeling of isolation because as Alex and Ata were chatting away and coming up with ideas, I had none. Working in a group is sometimes very difficult when you don’t have any ideas and there are overpowering people in the group. For me, I like to sit down, come up with ideas, and then present it to the group so that we can then discuss our ideas, see whether they are good or not, and then decide if we will develop them further from there. Although this left me with a challenge, I decided to try my best to give feedback and participate in the group.

Now, with the design we wanted to take a little twist with the whole concept. We decided to show the history of art in a different but organized, modern, and fun way. The concept that we came up with was to create a cover with symbols and pictographs, and marks developed and used throughout history. Writing and art all started from cave paintings to modern art and writing that we see and use today. We wanted to show what will be presented in the book without overwhelming people with the whole idea of history, the times that something began/ended, who did what, etc. In this way, using less text and more imagery can explain a lot and show how the world has progressed throughout the many years. These symbols, icons, and marks are all important in the development of art and writing that we see today. We decided to chose the yellow-orange color for our background because we noticed that this color has been used throughout history. We not only wanted to give it a feel of the past but also create a modern look to the cover.



  1. Atrin! Sorry we were overpowering. You are always welcome to say what’s on your mind. If you need a day to think about things tell us! It can be hard to read you because you are so quiet. We are absolutely open to your ideas and I’m sorry if it didn’t seem that way at the time.


    1. No it’s okay!! I’m happy with the outcome of the assignment we did. It’s just that I’m normally like this and it takes me more time to process ideas. I felt like I had to point it out for the teacher because you guys were the ones who came up with the idea and I wanted her to be aware of that. I don’t want to credit myself with that. I just read other student’s post and it seems that there were a couple others in the class who felt the same way. Don’t worry! 🙂


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