Surprisingly…this is me


On the top right hand side of the right page, I’ve drawn a paper airplane that points towards my elevator pitch so that the audiences’ eyes will be drawn from one side of the page to the other. In this case, I want their attention to go to my elevator pitch after they have looked at my image on the left. I used a paper airplane because I love traveling and paper airplanes! Statistics show that people look at pictures first before they actually read text. Therefore, if they find something interesting, then they will consider to actually read the content. When there’s too much text, people will often not even bother reading. So, I wanted to use an adequate amount of text but have pictures that go along with the information, so that my audience stays focused in each section. Above my name I’ve drawn trees not only because I like them, but because my nickname is “A Tree” (some even say that it helps them pronounce my name correctly). On the left side of the page, I’ve drawn doodles around myself because the first thing people see me as is shy. However, there’s another side of me. There’s a lot going on in my mind all the time and I’m very talkative and surprising than people think. I’ve also included a quote and five key words about myself below my image.

I would give myself a 9/10 because everything that I’ve drawn and incorporated throughout the layout expresses who I am, which people would usually contradict. I’ve tried to make my layout look simple, with some guidance around the page to help people stay focused and interested in the spread. I have put my best efforts to show who I am while following all the directions of the assignment.


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